Q: How do I select and book a model?

You can do either. You can choose a model from our portfolio of in-house models, or you can shoot with whomever we have available. The models sizes are listed on our site, so please send garments that will best fit them. (Our stylists will pin and tuck as necessary to ensure the right fit for the camera). 

To keep it simple, models with Sadie are a flat rate per order. In the event of a bulk order the flat rate model pricing does not apply. In this case, someone will contact you to review and confirm your model pricing. 

Models are subject to availability. In the event your selection is not available for scheduling reasons, we may ask you to choose an alternate or reschedule your shoot for when they are available.


Q: Do I get to brief Sadie's photographers and stylists on what I want?

You can make notes with your order. Our team will review these notes and take your requests into consideration. 

We keep an inventory of items on hand especially for styling (Think basic shoes, tees and tops), Your notes and comments help our styling team make the best decisions on your behalf, but the emphasis will always be keeping the focus on your product. For example, we may pair tops with basic denim or pants, or dresses with a neutral heel or boot to ensure that your customer pays attention to your product, and not the styling.


Q: Do I get to make selects before my images go to retouching?

Our team has a trained eye and process to help make the best selects on your behalf. Our extensive background in eCommerce means we can bring our expertise to help select the images that are most likely to accurately showcase your product and help it sell.

If you'd like to be able to make imagery selects, we encourage you to check out our custom option. 


Q: Can I send props to style my items with?

Please do not ship any additional items with your products unless it's part of your product or was explicitly requested by someone from Sadie. Our process does not accommodate additional items well and there is no guarantee that additional items shipped with products will make it back into the box for return shipping.

If you'd like specialized prop styling, we encourage you to check out our custom option.

Q: What if I don't like my imagery?

While we hope this never happens, we make every effort possible to photograph each product type exactly as pictured on the order page. Please ensure that what you are seeing (the lighting, angle, styling and general look) is what you will be happy with before shipping your products to Sadie.

Sadie will make every reasonable effort to rectify imagery that does not meet our quality standards, which is up to and including reshooting. However, due to the variation in products, textures, surfaces, etc. this can be subjective.

If you have a quality issue with your imagery from Sadie, please contact us.


Q: I lost the images from my last Sadie shoot, can you send them to me again?

Maybe. We encourage every customer to back up their images as soon as they receive them. If your images get lost, please contact us asap. We may be able to recover them, but we shoot an enormous amount of imagery and cannot store all files indefinitely. We cannot guarantee that your imagery will still be on file with us. 

Q: Can I be at the shoot?

Sadie Express shoots are closed. However, if you would like to be on set with us at Sadie, we encourage you to check out our custom shoot options. 

Q: I don't live near Sadie studios.

Certainly. In fact, most of our customers do not live anywhere near our studio. We work with designers big and small across the nation. 

Q: If I have questions, how do I get in touch with you?

You can reach our customer service team during regular business hours M-F (Pacific Standard Time) at (971) 264-0932. If you'd like to send us and email, we are available at [email protected]


Q: How does payment work? 

A: A valid authorization on a major credit card is required upon ordering online. Your card will be charged a 50% deposit to hold your place. The remaining 50% will be due upon file delivery.  


Q: Do you guys have a refund policy?

If you have already shipped product and have changed your mind and would like a refund, please review our terms and conditions thoroughly and contact us. 


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